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Below you will find detailed answers to frequently asked questions of clients. If you didn't find the answer to your question, please, contact us the way convenient for you.

General questions

What is an electronic airline ticket?

An electronic airline ticket or e-ticket is an electronic document that certifiesthe air carriage agreement between the passenger and the airline. In contrast to the paper tickete-ticket is a digital record in the airline database.

Should I pay the fee when booking through your website?

No. is the starting point for the search. All the search results aredisplayed on the websites of vendors, and ticket purchase is made directly from thesite of the vendor you’ve chosen.

I have an idea about the site improvement. How can I share it?

Use the button "Write" at the current page or write to We welcome any suggestions.

I noticed a bug. What should I do?

You can to:

• Use the button "Write" at the current page

• Write to us to

How to pay for tickets and services on the Internet

For convenience of our users allows to pay for the tickets, hotels and services chosen by different means.

We prepared brief review about each payment method available at the web site for you.

Payment with bank card

Plastic card, that a modern person cannot imagine his life without, can be pegged to one and several banking accounts. There can be debit cards which allow you to use only private money charged in advance and credit cards when you borrow finances from bank and you are obliged to return them throughout the terms of the agreement.

Payment with Visa International

More than a half of plastic cards issued worldwide, are part of Visa payment system. 21 000 banks are participants of this non-profit organization. There is no company, which cannot accept Visa card therefore it is possible to pay for anything including purchasing in the Internet using it.

Payment with Visa Virtual

This electronic version of bank card differs from usual by its Internet intended use only. You can buy airline tickets, book a hotel or excursion using that kind of card but it is impossible to take some cash in the ATM or buy some bread in supermarket round the corner.

MasterCard International payment system

American payment system, existing more than 70 years, is presented worldwide and is the major competitor of Visa. Debit and credit cards of MasterCard International allow paying for any goods and services provided both in the Internet and in common shops and showrooms.

Payment with JCB International

Plastic cards issued in Japan are popular among such countries as Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Thailand, Great Britain, Germany, Singapore and others, but unfortunately they are not presented in Russia.

In fact, they are debit cards and are rated for well-to-do travelers. Owners of JCB International can use them for tickets and the services payment.

American Express payment system

American Express is a special type of credit card. Its main advantage is that you can pay for any purchases and services, and then return the amount spent on the account during a month. The amount is limited by your bank agreement. The higher the costs the more bonuses and stimulating programs the owner has.

It should be noted that AmEx cards are categorized as T & E (travel & entertainment).

Diners Club International payment system

Elite Diners Club International payment cards make their owners admired guests in the most expensive guesthouses of the world. They also serve as the pass to VIP-halls of the airport and insurance while travelling. Unlimited transactions, urgent delivery of the duplicate of the card in any part of the world (in case of its loss) and many other things, turn the Diners Club International cards into success indicator.

However, there are some disadvantages exist, for instance, maintenance is really expensive and they are not popular. It is possible to apply them in the most expensive guesthouses but not worldwide.

Non-cash payment for individuals and legal entities

Both individuals and legal entities can pay for booked tickets and other services via bank transfer. For this purpose legal entity needs to choose the corresponding form of payment on a web site and transfer the necessary amount on the specified transaction account, while individual – to pay the bill at any branch bank. Confirmation and the original of the order will be received by the organization within 5 days to the specified postal address.

Yandex Money

Yandex money, which can be used on the Internet and via Android, iPhone and Windows Phone apps, is an available and convenient electronic payment system. Having registered in to system, you can put money into the account any way convenient, and then pay for goods and services in the Internet using them.

The main advantage of the system is that payment takes place immediately and does not demand additional confirmations in form of SMS or sending codes.


Network of payment terminals Qiwi is known more than in 20 countries. Qiwi are so convenient because they are located at all airports, stations, hotels and shops. Besides Qiwi have own web site which allows to pay previously having refilled electronic purse. Minus is that the commission can reach 10% out from the amount of payment.


The program of electronic payments is installed on your personal computer and functions if you have access to the Internet. It allows individuals and legal entities to exchange payments which then can be cashed in bank. Convenient refilling of a purse and opportunity to carry out any Internet payment by means of electronic money are also great advantages of this free program.

Before departure

Air travel tariffs.

Tariffs for air flights are subdivided into two types: basic (full), and special (preferential). The main differences between them are the price of the airfare and comfort level.

Basic tariffs, as a rule, do not assume special restrictions, work within one year and allow to change the date and time of the flight free of charge, to correct an air flight route, to spend any number of days in the destination country, and also in case You return the ticket You do not pay the penalties. Usually these tariffs are: the first and business classes (F, C) and annual full tariff of economy class ("Y").

Special tariffs are cheaper than basic, but impose a set of restrictions on passengers. Usually validity period of such airline tickets is limited, the ticket cannot be replaced, or if You want to change date and time of the flight You should pay a penalty.

International practice shows excursion, children's, students, family, group and youth tariffs applied by some airline companies. The student's tariff extends only on the students having the student ID card of ISIC. Youth are applied only for a person younger than 25, family assumes a discount to the spouse and children amounted at 50%.

What are the promo-tariffs for airline tickets?

Each airline company has the so-called promo-tariffs. Most often the tariffs applied to either the most popular routes, or newly opened directions.

Regardless of airline carrier, all promo-tariffs are characterized by :

• the low price in comparison with full regularly operating tariffs

• limited number of airline tickets

• if you want to return, exchange or hand over promo-tariff airline ticket You are unlikely to succeed or You are to pay an impressive penalty

• promo-tariffs airline tickets discount lasts short from couple of days till few weeks.

• the airline company can provide the minimum and maximum time period to stay in destination country. For instance, Lufthansa sets the requirement to stay in the destination country at least 3 days and at most 3 months.

Promo-tariffs suddenly appear and quickly disappear therefore if You what to visit some particular country, You know, what company flies there, You should subscribe for special offers mailing.

Is there any difference between low-cost and regular airline company?

Low-cost or discount carriers are getting more and more popular nowadays and London-Milano 2euro flights are not anymore a surprise. The main difference between regular airline company and low-cost is the piece of the ticket. But why the tickets are so cheap?

• low-cost companies make their tickets cheap by means of:

• having only one class (economy class)

• flights to second-level airports that are located far from the city. That is why if You are planning the flight You should be ready to pay for the transfer which in Europe can cost a lot.

• the closer the date of the flight the higher the price. Low-cost companies incite early booking.

• the baggage size is always limited.

The passenger ticket itself is usually cheap but not the airline company services. For instance if You want to take the suitcase aside from the carry-no luggage it can cost 10 times more expensive then the ticket’s price itself. You should extra pay for the chosen seat, food and drinks as well. The low-cost involves on-line registration. Then You should print the boarding pass with the barcode. The non-observance of the rule will cost You a lot.

To sum it up if You are ready to follow the rules of the low-cost company displayed at their web sites, to take only carry-on and print Your boarding pass by Yourself the discount carrier will give You a great opportunity to see the world with less money spent.

Starting from what age can children travel?

The minimum age for children to be able to travel is not established by the legislation nevertheless it is strongly recommended not to travel with newborn kids. If You want to travel with a kid under 2 years old You should maintain some rules. First of all one passenger can take one baby under 2 years old onboard if this is internal flight. If You fly overseas You have to pay 10% from the total price of ticket and You have to take the child in arms during the flight. You can put the newborn on the next chair having preferential tariff ticket for children from 2 till 12 years old. You may also ask for special cradle for children under 10 months.

Preferential tariff for children from 2 till 12 years old allows buying tickets for juniors, it makes 30-50% discount from the total price of the full ticket. As a result the passenger chair is provided to the child and it is allowed to transport carry-on luggage up to 10 kg.

Children under 5 years old are to be accompanied by one of the adult person. After that age a child can travel alone and flight attendant bears responsibility for his safety and comfort. Services on accompaniment are extra paid and the cost of tickets, as a rule, makes 100% from an adult tariff without children's discounts.

Almost all airline companies allow carrying small-sized cradles and carriages onboard. Tariffs for air flights for children are established by the airlines which are carrying out flight, and are registered on official sites.

Air flights for physically challenged people. Is there any specific features?

Airlines must accommodate the needs of air travelers with disabilities. The Air Carrier Access Act (ACAA) is a law that makes it illegal for airlines to discriminate against passengers because of their disability. The Department of Transportation is responsible for enforcing the ACAA, which applies to all flights to, from, or within the United States.

Airlines are also required to provide passengers with disabilities many types of assistance, including wheelchair or other guided assistance to board, deplane, or connect to another flight; seating accommodation assistance that meets passengers’ disability-related needs; and assistance with the loading and stowing of assistive devices.

How to arrange a flight with pets?

If You made a decision to travel with a pet You should maintain some rules. First of all read the regulations of transportation of pets attentively. Each airline carrier set special rules but usually cats, dogs and birds weighing up to 5-8 kg can be taken aboard the plane. No matter how sorrowful it is for You all pets must remain inside the pet carrier while at the airport and onboard the aircraft. If your pet is larger, it should be handed over in a luggage compartment also in special carrying. If your pet weighs more than 40 kg You should buy the separate passenger ticket.

Before the flight please review the requirements for the country you are traveling to. Unfortunately some states, for instance Great Britain, prohibits importing the pets. Do not feed Your pet if the flight takes more than 6-7 hours or You should be really accurate while feeding.

Try to arrive at the airport as early as possible to manage to check the vaccination and documentation required for each destination on your trip.

Traveling abroad with pets requires such document as international veterinary passport with marks of rabies vaccines and chip implanted. You may also visit State Veterinary station and get the certificate No. 1-vet 3 days before the flight.

Which countries should I obtain visa for a visit?

Citizens of United States can visit 186 countries of the world visa-free or getting visa on the border. This makes 80% of the world’s existing states.

Follow the link for more details about visa obtaining for particular country.

If I have a transit flight, do I need to obtain visa of the transit country?

It is frequent occasion when it is cheaper and simpler to buy a ticket transiting through any third country. First of all You should define whether You need transit visa. If You have to buy connecting flight ticket through any country — member of the Schengen agreement, but the holding time is less than 24 hours and You are not intended to leave a transit zone, the transit visa is not required.

If You, for instance, travel to the USA with 7 hour transit period in Frankfurt and You want to walk across the German city You will have to obtain short-term Schengen visa of C type with a mark "transit" in advance in the embassy to leave the airport. It is equally not simple as to obtain tourist visa.

Transit through the USA is the worst. You are to obtain transit visa in any case even if You are flying from the Russia to warm Mexico City through the USA and are not going to leave transit zone at the airport.

But not all of the countries are so rigid towards Russian citizens. For example, the United Kingdom is very flexible, allowing to stay in London without visa within 24 hours if you fly transit through Heathrow airport.

There is also very good news! Starting from 2013 visa-free transit through the Chinese airports is possible. For instance, it is allowed to spend 72 hours in China while transiting through Beijing and Shanghai, and 24 hours – through other Chinese cities.

The green and red channels at customs.

Almost any country has two channels when passing customs control: red and green. Depending on the baggage, you need to pass through one of them. Both corridors have customs control.

So, if You have live animals, cash in the sum exceeding 3000 US dollars, antiques, a work of art, gold (not personal jewelry), weapon and other subjects included in the list of subjects to be declared, red channel is the one to choose. To transport all these things You should pay the customs duty therefore at first You fill in the form of the customs declaration where You indicate quantity and names of the transported items that are obliged to be declared.

If you do not have items to be declared You are to choose green channel. However You should remember that as soon as You enter there, you automatically confirm that you don't carry any property that are obliged to be declared. If customs officer finds forbidden things while checking Your personal things, your actions will be considered to be the violation of the law which can cause enforcement of administrative, or in certain cases even criminal liability.

If you don't know, whether it is necessary to declare these or those items, you can make Yourself safe having declared them and having passed along the red channel.

The list of necessary things and documents to take with You.

There is a certain set of things and documents which You should take with regardless of the time and purpose of the trip. We have prepared a list of required things to take with:

- Passport. It is essential to take both international and Russian passport. One of them may help You to rent a car or scooter.

- Bank card. You can pay for services using bank card almost everywhere in hotels, restaurants, shops therefore if you still do not have a bank card You surely should get one.

- Make a copy or a photo of passport and credit card and send the files to Your email in case of loss.

- Money. It is important to have cash with You in case the card is out of order.

- Insurance. You are to issue insurance before the trip. The price is low and medical treatment abroad is really expensive.

- The driver's license if you are going to rent transport.

- Printed reservation of the hotel if booked in advance.

- The mobile phone and recharger.

- Camera.

- Medical box. Do not take a lot of drugs.

- If you carry contact lenses, take a spare couple. In some countries it is prescription product.

- Means of personal hygiene (toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, shaving gel, soap).

- Clothes, footwear, towel, hair dryer if needed.

Remember that liquids more than 100 ml, as well as piercing and cutting items, including cuticle scissors, knifes and nail files need to be packed in the baggage.

Enjoy the travel!

Does airfare include baggage insurance?

Airline companys bear full responsibility for the baggage to be safe and the insurance is included in airfare. If your baggage is lost, the airline carrier hold an investigation to face the circumstances. In that case the compensation is full and includes moral damage.

Despite advanced system of baggage processing sometimes the loss happens that is why it is more safe for You not to put valuable things, money or documents to the baggage. You should also remember that passengers bear full responsibility for the safety of hand luggage aboard.

If there are a lot of valuable things with You, it is better to declare them before the flight or it is also possible to buy the additional insurance policy from any insurance company. The policy accurately specifies the sum of compensation and conditions for such compensation to be provided.

What is the difference between connecting flight and transfer?

Even if you prefer to use direct flights sooner or later You will have to face connecting flight or transfer via the third country. It simply happens because there are no direct flights from United States to some directions. Connecting flights are usually 35-45% cheaper. But first of all let us define the difference between the terms.

Connecting flight is a flight with an intermediate stop (from 2 till 8 hours). The flight is carried out by one airline, or airlines - members of alliance. You pass the registration and receive boarding pass for the whole direction. You simply change the plain to another one at the connecting place. If You are not going to leave the transit zone You do not have to obtain transit visa. Regardless of the number of connections You check-in the luggage once at home airport and receive it at the airport of destination country.

Transfer is also some kind of transit where You are registered and pass customs control for each sub phases of the direction. For instance You are traveling from Moscow to Chicago via Frankfurt with a change of airlines for both sub phases using different terminals of the airport. To make a transfer in Frankfurt you need to obtain the visa to leave a transit zone, to receive baggage, to be registered on the flight Frankfurt-Chicago, again to hand over the baggage, and again to pass customs control to get to a transit zone.

Thus, connecting flights are more convenient in comparison with transfer because there is one airline with one registration process.

What is Fast Track?

Lately the so-called Fast Track is very popular in European and American airports. Fast Track is special service that helps You to get through the formalities really quickly.

It is very exhausting to line up at the airport especially if You are leaving from New York or Mexico where You spent one or two hours queuing to get registered and pass through customs. If You do not want to waste Your precious time You can order the service and get through all of the procedures via the VIP with the assisting officer. As a rule the representative of the airport or a company that is launching the service welcome You and walk You over the VIP stand of immigration control and then You follow special channels for officials. If You order the service on arrival You should not worry about the baggage as the Fast Track officer personally takes care of it. Limo or a car to drive You to the hotel can sometimes be included into the service.

Fast Track is convenient if You are late for the registration or connecting flight, or You simply do not want to queuing after transatlantic flight. Nowadays the Fast Track service is available at Russia airports in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

How to keep the suitcase safe after the flight and how not to lose it?

Anything can happen during the flight. Sometimes You do not get Your baggage after the flight. And what can be more unpleasant than the holiday with all the stuff being lost. You can minimize the risk of losing the suitcase by following our simple tips.

1. Put valuable things, jewelry, cash and documents into the carry-on.

2. Make sure there are no stickers from last flights on a suitcase.

3. Pack a suitcase into a special polyethylene film at the airport. Unfortunately there are incidents of things to be stolen during flight.

4. Make sure that the suitcase has the sticker with the destination point. If you are not aware of an abbreviation of the city of the direction, you can specify it at the registering officer.

5. Make a sticker with Your surname, name, phone, address and paste it on a suitcase or put in an inside pocket.

6. Make Your suitcase look eye-catching with bright ribbons or any other bright identification marks so that other passenger will not make a mistake taking Your baggage.

7. When You register the baggage You receive the receipts with UPS bar code. Airport officers attach the receipts to a boarding pass or to your passport. Do not lose them.

8. When arrived at the airport of the destination country, go straight to take the baggage.

9. Do not leave Your things with strangers.

But if it happened to lose the suitcase first of all You should find the luggage compartment attendant. Do not leave the airport before registration of all necessary documents on the lost property.

What time to arrive at the airport in order not to be late for the flight?

It is very convenient and fascinating to travel by air. When tickets are bought and baggage is ready there is the main issue remains: What time should I be at the airport? This moment needs to be planned carefully in order not to be late and not waste time waiting for the departure. Here some tips for You to enjoy the flight:

• Check-in for flight starts 2-3 hours and finishes 40 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time. Therefore passengers are recommended to be at the airport 2 hours prior the taking-off time.

• You also need to consider passport and customs control as well as security service control. If you are going to carry items needed to be declared foresee time to do this.

• The earlier you arrive on registration, the higher the probability of good seat to be chosen especially considering the fact if you would like to travel with a friend.

• Do not forget to think over the traffic because the jams can make You late for the flight.

• If You travel by air for the first time it is better for You to arrive as early as possible to find the necessary terminal (since they can settle down far apart) and to deal with all documents without haste.

What is prohibited to take in carry-on?

In order to stay positive and not to lose any things, please study rules concerning hand luggage before a departure. They are almost identical in all countries. The list of the forbidden things can be found in the ticket or at the special stand at the airport.

Everyone knows that it's forbidden to take on board piercing and cutting items, including cuticle scissors, knifes and nail files, weapons, gas sprays, explosive, toxic and flammable agents, as well as animals.

There are special norms concerning liquids (including shampoos, creams, gels). The container should be no more than 100 ml, and a couple of containers should be placed in one transparent plastic packing with a total capacity of 1 liter.

Technical devices as mobile phones, cameras, players, laptops are usually allowed to take aboard. However, depending on the country and plane type, it can be forbidden to use some devices so that they will not prevent electronics of the aircraft from operating properly.

If You need medicines during the flight, you can easily take them with You without packing into plastic packages. But be ready to prove the need. It is also officially allowed to carry aboard baby food and any other food.

If necessary You can take the following subjects:

• Baby carriage

• Crutches and other orthopedic devices

• Plaid

• Ladies' handbag

• Printing editions

What time does the Internet registration start?

The increasing number of modern airlines offers the passengers such service as Internet registration. This service allows to save time as the works round the clock, You can do it being at home, at work or any place with the access to the Internet.

Internet registration starts 23 hours and ends 4 hours prior to the departure. That is enough time for the data to be processed.

For online registration visit the site of airline company You bought tickets from, choose the flight and enter necessary information (a full name, departure date etc.). Further You can choose a convenient place in salon that is one more advantage of the service. After You finish do not forget to print the boarding pass.

On arrival to the airport you need to hand over the baggage (if You have one), to pass customs control and security service and to follow to the departure. Thus, you should not be nervous, standing in a queue on registration.

What to do with the baggage at self-registration?

Except for Internet registration there is one more opportunity to get aboard the plane, having avoided queues. It is a question of independent registration at the airport via terminals (booths). Such devices are already operating at many airports and You can easily find them: terminals are painted in orange color and are situated near usual registration racks. Moreover, each airport have information indexes not get lost.

The principle of self-registration terminals operation is very simple: on the touch screen you are to choose airline, to enter information into the necessary fields, to choose a place in the plane, considering the salon scheme, and to receive the printed boarding pass.

There are no problems with the baggage either. For passengers who were independently registered separate racks of baggage reception are organized. If there are no such racks You are free to hand over the luggage without queuing on any rack.

You can always ask self-registration agents for help.

Use modern technologies achievements and enjoy the travel!

I want to sit in the aft of the plane, near the window and together with my friends. Is it possible to arrange in advance?

It is very important to choose a place convenient for You to make the flight nice and pleasant. Not all passengers try to choose the seats in advance though there are some opportunities for this.

How to choose the seat in advance? Here main recommendations:

• For a start study the scheme of salon of the plane which can be found in the Internet. As a rule, the best places are marked by green color, and the worst – red. First row seats are considered to be more convenient there are no more seats before you and You can feel free to spread out Your legs and passengers here are the first to receive food. The aft is considered to be shaking the most however this part of the plane is the safest. Considering the preferences therefore the choice remains for You

• Use registration service on the Internet. It usually begins 23 hours prior to a departure and allows not only to be registered in advance but also to choose desirable places.

• If you decided to pass traditional registration in the airport, it is better to arrive earlier so that You can still make the choice .

• If the day of the week do not bother You we suggest avoiding flights on Friday and Sunday – these days are considered to be the most loaded. Morning and evening flights are also most loaded.

• Be friendly and smile to the staff of airline. If there are still empty seats in the aircraft You can ask the stewardess to replace you to more comfortable place.

Security check at the airport

Baggage and security inspections are performed on all passengers for security reasons. All the passengers of all international and internal flights pass through this check. That is why we suggest learning some facts about the procedure to behave properly.

Preflight check is the last stage before going aboard the plane. Security service officers can ask questions about the forbidden items with You as well as about possible suspicions towards other passengers. There is no place for joking while answering these questions, You can be easily removed from the flight, and You will not get compensated.

Examination of passengers can be carried out manually, or by technical means. Footwear will be

X-rayed with special device therefore take care of not wasting the time to take them off. The same concerns the overcoat. Don't put on a belt since You will also have to take it off. Get metal subjects out of the pockets and then pass through a metal detector frame.

Physically challenged passengers and pregnant women are obliged to pass through check-in at the airport’s medical office.

If the security service has any suspicions, the officers can ask You to pass on personal check. In this case the officer should be of one sex with You and the presence of two impartial witnesses are required.

Please do remember that employees are obliged to be extremely correct and polite.

What is the difference between business and economy classes except for the price?

Business class flight costs 2-3 times more expensive in comparison with economy class. The difference comprises comfortable seats and quality of special services both at the airport and onboard.

Business class passengers take preflight examination through separate check-in desk while economy class passengers stay at regular queue. Business class passengers are allowed to take carry-on of bigger size without extra payment. VIP hall is only for business class.

The chairs are more convenient in business class, there are a lot more space between rows. The menu is more diverse and it includes alcohol drinks. The passengers leave the plane first.

It should be noted that if You have a distant flight and You can afford it – do buy business class. And it has nothing to do with better meals, You will have comfortable seat and the flight will not seem to be tiresome. But if the flight lasts a couple of hours do not overpay hundreds of dollars. Economy class will provide You with food and refreshing drinks and You will not feel tired during this time.

Is there a separate check-in in business class?

Business class passengers are provided with special services at the airport as well as onboard. They expect their flight in VIP hall and take registration through separate check-in desk.

Business class passengers are to take preflight examination as well as others. However it takes place in separate room. If there is no such room at the airport business class passengers undergo procedure of examination and passport control in the general hall. It all takes less than 10 minutes.

Then the bus takes the passengers to the plane. The seats for business class passengers are located at VIP area where special menu is served and personal printed media are offered.

The baggage in business class takes the first position at the cargo compartment so that the passengers who first leave the plane may have their baggage.

Is it necessary to pay for services in business hall?

When there is still a lot of time before the departure passengers have an opportunity to spent the time in business hall. As a rule, such halls are intended for business class passengers and all services are included in airfare. However any passenger may get single ticket on cash to visit business hall. The cost depends on the contract between the airport and airline company that rents the room.

Complex of services in business halls of any airports is almost identical. Here You can watch TV, read print media, use services of telecommunication, the copier and the fax. Also there is an Internet access (including Wi-Fi). It is possible to leave children in the game room. Passengers can take shower, visit bar and buffet.

Thus, "all inclusive" system works in business halls. However there are special services, for instance a meeting room, that You should extra pay for.

Business halls make the airport more prestigious and Your trip more convenient.

What is lounge?

The word lounge originated from English "lounge" and is translated as the drawing room. This is the name for recreation area at the airport where You can wait for the departure. It differs from regular waiting rooms. As a rule, the lounge zone is separated from other rooms, and the entrance is limited which makes the space quiet and cozy. There are business zones and VIP-zones depending on class of service at the airport.

Passengers have a rest on soft sofas and can use the free Internet being in lounge zone. It is also possible to visit bar or café as well as to take shower or do some physical exercises in fitness studio.

Such zones are especially essential for those who travel a lot and spend most of the time out of home. People can relax and take their minds out of daily problems here.

Can I ask for compensation when flight is delayed?

It is not rare occasion when flight is delayed. The reasons are different but whatever the reason is it is always the passenger who suffers most. Nowadays airline company bears responsibility for the delaying or canceling the flight. This means the passenger has the right to use different services as well as to get compensation in money.

When the flight is delayed (no matter what the reason is) airline company must provide You with:

• a room (for passengers with children under 7)

• communication service

• refreshing drinks (while holding more than 2 hours) and hot meals (while holding more than 4 hours)

• free of charge accommodation service (while holding more than 8 hours)

• baggage storage

Moreover You can expect to get money compensation although airline company may prove the delay to be out of control. If You want to get compensated You should provide tickets with airport marks as well as cash vouchers for confirmation of Your expenses. The sum of compensation depends on the distance of delayed flight and delay time.

On board

What place is the most convenient in the plane?

We all want to travel with comfort and sit on the most convenient places while flying. But how to choose them? There are traditional tips to choose the best and worst seats in the airplane.

The first raw seats are considered to be the best places: You do not feel strong jolting, there are no more seats before you and You can feel free to spread out Your legs. Food and drinks are served starting with the first raw so the passenger’s choice is rather diverse. But it happens quite often when people with children occupy the first row seats so there will be no opportunity to have a sleep in silence.

Seats that are located near emergency exits are convenientas well because there is a lot of enough space, but You cannot back Your seat that can make a distant flight not really pleasant for You.

Tail-end seats are considered to be the safest. Perhaps, this is their only advantage. The jolting is strongly felt here, and the space is always crowded with people visiting the washroom. Moreover, food and drinks here are served in the last turn therefore the choice remains poor.

If you want to look out of the window duringthe flight do not pick the first raw seats. You will not see anything because of the wings. Aisle seats are convenient for those who do not want to disturb the neighbor

Considering the preferences therefore the choice remains for You.

Carry-on luggage.

It is possible to take carry-on luggage aboard which You do not need to register. There are special rules defining what to take with You on board as hand luggage. The carry-on stowage is limited (one per passenger), the size and weight usually depends on the airline company and type of airplane (maximum weight vary from 3 to 15 kg). While checking-in the size is examined and You should extra pay for excess luggage

There are special stowage bins above the passenger seat to put Your carry-on luggage. The bin should be closed because the luggage can hurt someone’s head while air turbulence.

There are special stowage bins under the passenger seat as well. Although it is forbidden to put anything under the seats that are located near emergency exit.

Meals and drinks during the flight.

Almost any passenger wonders about the onboard menu. There are different service classes which mean there are different meals to be served. The higher the class the more diverse the menu. Air fare includes in-flight food but if you want to try alcohol drinks you should extra pay.

Economy class in-flight menu is rather good but not quite diverse. Usually you get the main course (meat or fish to be chosen), vegetable or meat salad, bread and cookies. Sometimes cabin attendants serve sweets and cakes. The fish is usually garnished with rice and vegetables while meat with pasta and potatoes. All the food is served in disposable plastic tableware.

There are juices, carbonated beverages, pure water, tea and coffee among served drinks. Alcohol is allowed within reasonable on board. Do not hesitate to ask for extra water or juice while flying to avoid dewatering because the air is really dry in the airplane.

Business and first classes suggest more diverse and tasty menu and the food is served in regular tableware.

If You need some special meals (dietic, vegetarian or kosher) You can book the food36 hours in advance. You can order baby food as well.

What to do while flying?

This is a frequent question to appear when getting on board: what to do while flying? The question is more relevant when you are going to overcome intercontinental distance.

Some travelers suggest taking hypnotics with you that will allow you to sleep most of the distance (do not forget to fasten your seatbelts in this case). But the very suggestion is not universe. There are a lot more tips to fill in time on board.

The plane is equipped with TV recorders and this is great opportunity to see some interesting movie. The TV boxes are installed in chairs in modern airplanes which is much more convenient for you to pick any film or program to match your interests. Many passengers are taking personal notebooks, net books or tablets to do business instead.

There are plenty of printed literature on board for those who are keen on reading. Exciting book will take a lot of time for you. E-book is also a great choice. Internal memory of the device provides you with wide range of alternatives.

Some can take player and listen to music, audio books or learn foreign language.

And sometimes it just happen to meet a great person to talk to and you will not feel the duration of time.