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Agreement with the terms of use

Use of the website Cheapflightsplus.com (hereafter the Site) automatically signifies Your agreement with these terms. Cheapflightsplus (hereafter "we", "us" or "our") reserves the right to modify or make changes in these terms any time without special notification, and you agree to accept those changes. Privacy policy is available on Cheapflightsplus.com

Service description

The site provides users with the services of searching airline tickets.

Terms of the Service

  1. Any user of the Internet, regardless of geographical location, can visit the site.
  2. You agree that the Site shall have the right to place advertisements on any page.
  3. Data posted on the Site is available for viewing and reproducing by other users for personal purposes. It is not permitted to copy, distribute, publish or otherwise use the data from the Site for commercial purposes. Persons and enterprises shall be responsible for copying and illegal use of information displayed on the Site.
  4. We try to ensure smooth operation of the Site, but we are not responsible for possible complete or partial loss of data provided by You, and for poor speed or quality of the service.
  5. Materials displayed at the web site including but not limited by the content and services are provided on a «as is» basis. Cheapflightsplus shall not provide any guarantees and (or) conditions clearly expressed or meant, including but not being limited, non-infringement of rights, safety and fairness as well as guarantees following from customs of business conduct.
  6. Cheapflightsplus will use all reasonable diligence but not guarantee that:

    a) The content of the web site will be full, renewed and applicable to your circumstances on a constant basis.

    b) The quality of products and services, information and other materials as well as results received out of use of the web site will meet your expectations.

Cheapflightsplus information services

  1. In case of impossibility to apprehend information content of the web site to perform an action user can contact us by calling at +1 303 868 0792 or by other means using the web site.
  2. Informing Cheapflightsplus support team operator of any data identifying the user is similar to the autographic signature of the last and is considered to be unambiguous and undisputable confirmation of orders, claims, notifications and other actions made by user.
  3. All agreements are executed between our Client and our partner while purchasing airfares on the moment of purchasing services with any of Cheapflightsplus partners.
  4. The user shall bear liability independently for damages caused by his actions on the web site as well as actions of Cheapflightsplus support team on behalf of his name.
  5. Client accepts the full responsibility of validating all information provided in booking confirmation (document, used as electronic agreement of airfare or accommodation booking confirmation). In case if any mistakes or inaccuracies, Client suppose to notify the client support of Cheapflightsplus within the 8 hours from the booking confirmation or not later than 24 hours before the travel arrangement.
  6. Cheapflightsplus support team shall not bear responsibility for interruption in services rendering in case of software or equipment running failures as well as for full or partial interruptions of services rendering connected with equipment or software replacement, or carrying out other works occasioned by the need of maintenance of working capacity.


We understand the importance of privacy for you. Please read the Privacy Policy in relation to Your personal data.

Liability limitations

Cheapflightsplus carves out its liabilities for:

  1. any unforeseen circumstances, accident, delay or special, punitive, indirect or additional damages of any type (including, but not being limited to the loss of benefit) strict liability or other circumstances which arise in connection with: (i) any use of the web site; (ii) mistake or delay (including without restrictions use or impossibility to use any part of the web site for searching or booking; either (iii) performing or nonperforming any actions by us or other user, even in case of notification of possibility of these persons or other person losses.
  2. any losses as well as viruses which can have negative impact on computer equipment and software, data or materials as a result of web site visititing or information downloading.

The cumulative liability for damages which user bears as a result of web site use, not mentioned hereinabove, is limited to the sum of $50 (fifty US dollars) except as otherwise provided by applicable legislation of the United States of America.

Contact the administration of the Service

In case of disputable questions concerning the use of the Site You may contact us by email support@Cheapflightsplus.com.